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We Are CineCloud

CineCloud is an award winning and internationally licensed drone business specialising in aerial cinematography. We are one of the UK’s longest standing CAA and FAA approved drone teams with a decade of dedicated experience with UAVs. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the automotive, cinematic-production and sporting industries and take pride in our ability to adapt to any scenario no matter how big or small, so feel free to drop us a line!

CAA Approved

We hold a full Operational Authorisation from the CAA, and are BNUCs qualified. Our operations manual has been scrutinised and approved for safe operations.

Safety First

At Cinecloud safety is always the top priority. In depth risk assessments and pre-flight surveys are conducted to ensure a smooth, worry free experience.

Insured to £5 million

We hold £5 million Public Liability insurance for complete peace of mind when operating.

See what we can do

At Cinecloud we believe that adding an aerial perspective to your film takes your production to the next level. Unlike a helicopter, our compact drones have the agility and precision to get impressive low altitude footage.

Our state of the art aerial platforms enable us to deliver stunning 6K video, as well as highly detailed still images. From Heavy Lift rigs carrying cinema grade cameras, to home built FPV racing drones providing a new and exciting perspective - take a look at our showreel to see what we are capable of.

A new perspective

Our custom build First Person View (FPV) drones are perfect for capturing content in an exciting, dynamic and 'how on earth did you get that shot' kind of way.

Flying completely manual, with no assisstance from the gimmicks of 'off the shelf drones' - we are able to flip, bank and fly closer than ever before. From intricate indoor space movements to diving down the side of a mountain, we have the set ups ready to provide you with a breathtaking new perspective.

Cinema Grade FPV

GoPro footage not up to standard? Want to match your ground cameras? Put whatever camera you like ontop of these two beasts, or stick with our trusty Red Komodo.

With set ups to either track cars at 100mph, or gracefully float around talent. Our ducted whoop is perfect for flying indoors or around people. With the ability to shoot 6K with our Komodo and beautiful glass, you can trust that the final product will be the best it can get.

Some of our best aerial film and photography work

We're proud to have provided aerial footage for:

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Take a look at what we can offer

At CineCloud we take pride in the diversity of services we can offer. Our experience and pasion to expand into new areas of aerial work allow us to adapt to any situation. Below are just some of the services we love to offer:


6K footage paired with industry leading gimbal technology.


Breathtaking high definition images show your subject in amazing detail.


Offering an exciting new perspective for any event. Festivals and corporate events are just some of the occasions we love to capture.

Drone Tours

Capturing a new perspective never seen before, flying in through your front door and around your site.

Indoor Flying

Our compact flying camera systems allow us to get footage where no other platforms can go. This makes them perfect for indoor and close proximity flying.

Post Production

Using industry standard editing software we are able to deliver a quality finished product. We enjoy working closely with our clients to produce exactly what they envisioned.

CineCloud were model professionals and couldn't go out of their way more to help us

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We are more than just toys

We love what we do, and it shows - taking you to infinity and beyond with every project thanks to our versatile 'team of toys' Meet the team and learn more about how you can reach for the sky.

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